My First SOLOCOM show!


My name is Tahlia A. Robinson and I am a Comedy Writer, Improvisor and Comedic Singer/Musician. I am fusing all of my comedic skills and loves together in a new One Woman Show this fall:

"The Real Bubble Lives of Building 104"

"You have seen them on TV. Now go behind the scenes with exclusive interviews and content and never before heard songs as a time traveler, a self-indulgent protagonist, a deal closer, and a charming forgetful matriarch live their lives in front of the camera with no regrets as their own bubble lives are at a breaking point."
In order to work with great directors, camera and technical assistants, and market the promotion of my Show, I need your help! The Premier One Woman Show takes place Sunday, November 20, 2016, 8:45 pm, at THe P.I.T. in New York City!

My first One Woman Show was produced and performed in my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina at Theatre 99! I hope to take this second that I will premier in New York on the road in 2016 - 2017. Help me reach my goal, and hopefully, I will be seeing you soon in a city near you! 
Please go to Go Fund me to make a donation. THANK YOU!

Go Fund Me Link:

My YouTube channel: TwoMindsProductions

Twitter/facebook/instagram: @Tahliasworld